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        1. The Webtender
          An On-line Bartender

          Browse Drink Recipes
          List the drink recipes and ingredients by name or type. Makes it easy to find the cocktails or mixed drinks you are looking for.
          Search for Drinks
          Search for drink recipes or ingredients in various ways.
          "In My Bar"
          Tell The Webtender what you have in your bar, and get a list of all the drinks you can make.
          Random Drink
          The Webtender picks a random recipe from the database for you.
          A list of the most popular drinks, voting chart and other useless information.
          The Webtender Wiki
          A community powered drinks and bartending resource.
          Bartender's Handbook
          Anything you ever wanted to know about bartending and becoming a bartender.
          Bar Tools & Supplies [New!]
          Blenders, shakers, flair bottles, and more. Buy your bar tools and bar supplies online through BarStore™!
          The Webtender Forums
          Ask questions, request cocktail recipes or share your knowledge with other visitors.
          About The Webtender
          Information about The Webtender, advertising and contact addresses. Hopefully, you'll find an answer to your questions here.
          Welcome to
          The Webtender

          Celebrating 25 years!

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