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          Bartending guides

          American Bar : The Artistry of Mixing Drinks

          The Bartender's Bible! An invaluable reference for any bartender or home entertainer. The book explain how cocktails are made and include important information about their ingredients. For easy use, more than 500 recipes are arranged alphabetically, each cross-referenced in drink categories.

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          Bartending Inside-Out, The Guide To Profession, Profit & Fun

          Learn about Single Malts, Vodka, Beer, CO2, Wine, Ports, recipes, responsible service, pouring, plus much more! Increase sales, tips, and product knowledge. Find out why Nightclub & Bar Magazine calls this book "a must...one of the most easily read reference and learning tools available today". This is the third edition of this book, with expanded info on beer, wine and spirits. Some new recipes have also been added.

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          The Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course

          The third edition of this popular guide combines a comprehensive bartending course with job-hunting techniques and "on-the-job" training tips from the pros. Includes 275 recipes, plus charts, diagrams, and illustrations.

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          International Bartender's Guide

          More than 1.200 recipes, guide to bar equipment, liquors, mixers and a lot more.
          This book is a "must have" for every bartender.

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          Mr. Boston: Official Bartender's and Party Guide

          For 50 years, Mr. Boston has been the drink-making bible for professionals and amateurs alike. Includes frozen drinks, punches, brand-new shooters and no-alcohol drinks.

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          The World's Best Bartender's Guide

          Learn the tricks of the trade and new exciting recipes from some of the World's best bartenders.

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          Other titles:

          The Bartender's Bible
          Gary Regan

          The Bartender's Black Book
          Stephen K. Cunningham

          The Bartender's Deck
          Philip Collins, Sam Sargent

          Bartending for Dummies
          Raymond Foley, Ray Foley

          The Bar and Beverage Book:
          Basics of Profitable Management
          Costas Katsigris, Mary Porter

          The Ultimate A-To-Z Bar Guide
          Sharon T. Herbst, Ron Herbst

          Seagram's Bartending Guide
          Seagram Company

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