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          Beer, wine and spirits books

          The Oxford Companion to Wine

          From the novice to the connoisseur, wine lovers will be informed and enchanted by this delightful one-volume guide to the world of wine. Beautifully designed, this guide has over 3,000 entries by more than 70 leading experts. In nontechnical language, it covers all aspects of wine appreciation, history, science and more. Hundreds of illustrations, photos and maps.

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          The Book of Classic American Whiskeys

          A complete guide to all the high-quality whiskeys now available, plus a detailed account of all the important distilleries and the colorful personalities, past and present.

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          Absinthe : History in a Bottle

          One hundred forty-four proof, notoriously addictive, and the drug of choice for 19th-century poets, Absinthe is gaining bootleg popularity after almost a century of being banned. Due to popular demand, this book is back in a new paperback edition with 60 color photos and 100 illustrations.

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          The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer

          You don't have to have participated in a three-legged pub crawl, drunk a yard of ale or have a pewter tankard hanging on an oak beam in the snug to enjoy this book ... But it might give you the taste for it!

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          Other titles:

          Absolut Book: The Absolut Vodka Advertising Story
          Richard W. Lewis

          Knowing and Making Wine
          Emile Peynaud

          The New World Guide to Beer
          Michael Jackson

          Drew Ferguson

          Wine buying guides

          Wine & Winemaking

          More beer titles and more wine titles...

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