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          Recipe books

          Cocktail : The Drinks Bible for the 21st Century

          This is not one of those books with thousands of different recipes. Instead this book explain how to make a small selection of different classic cocktails, including their history and color photos. Probably one of the best books of its kind. Highly recommended!

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          Atomic Bodyslams to Whiskey Zippers: Cocktails for the 21st Century

          This guide presents 750 recipes for stylish, creative drinks -- from the Atomic Bodyslam to the Baby Godzilla to the Squashed Frog -- with clearly written, precise instructions for making them.

          [Order from Amazon.com]  [Read review]

          Keepin It Simple Baby : Guide to Mixology

          Quick referenced, pocket sized, splashproof, guide to bartending. No-nonsense guide to mixology with the most commonly called upon drinks in the industry using the most standardized recipes available.

          [Order from Amazon.com] 

          Mad About Shooters Baby : Guide to Shotology

          The second pocket sized, splashproof, no-nonsense guide by Robby Waddell and Ryan Jonsson. This time it is a guide to making shots, with more than 250 popular recipes.

          [Order from Amazon.com] 

          Complete World Bartender Guide

          A comprehensive bar guide with recipes for more than 2,000 drinks, alcoholic and nonalcholic, from the most exotic to the most popular.

          [Order from Amazon.com]  [Read review]

          Simply Shooters

          This is probably the largest collection of shooter recipes ever made. With over 1150 different recipes, this books is a "must have" for any shot enthusiast.

          [Order from Amazon.com]  [Read review]

          Shaken Not Stirred - A Celebration of the Martini

          Timely and timeless, this book presents a uniquely illustrated collection of preparation techniques, recipe variations, events, hot spots, quotations, photographs, and lore surrounding that last bastion of civilization and crowing jewel of backlash decadence and connoisseurship -- The Martini.

          [Order from Amazon.com]  [Read review]

          Miss Charming's Book of Crazy Cocktails

          Cheryl Charming's new book feature more than 200 recipes for out-of-the-ordinary and out-of-this-world beverages. If you're ready to ditch Daddy's martinis and Mommy's Manhattans for something a little more interesting, or you want to make your next shindig one that everyone will remember, this new book is sure to pay the tab -- and serve up a pitcherful of fun to boot.

          [Order from Amazon.com]

          The California Health Bar Drink Guide

          This book contains a collection of around 750 new and time-proven recipes for delicious and healthy non-alcoholic refreshments suitable for any occasion, ranging from fruity breakfast juices to refined and exotic cocktails.

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          You will find more recipe books in the bartending guide collection...

          Other titles:

          100 Classic Cocktails
          Barry Shelby

          Atomic Cocktails
          Karen Brooks, et al

          The Book of Cocktails
          Jenny Ridgwell, Des Marwood

          New Classic Cocktails
          Gary Regan, et al

          The Ultimate Little Shooter Book
          Ray Foley

          Zero Proof
          Pamela Stovall, Richard Lalich

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