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        The Webtender
        An On-line Bartender

        In my bar - Select

        Select the ingredients you have in your bar from this rather large list of ingredients. This list is created from all ingredients used in more than one or two drinks.

        When you finish your selection, go to the bottom of the page and click the "Generate List of Drinks" button. The Webtender will then generate a list of all drinks possible to make from your selection of ingredients. If you click "Pick Random", one of the drinks you can make will be selected for you.
        You can also set how accurate the match should be. The accuracy is measured in number of ingredients you miss to make a drink.

        Use the "Save Selection" and "Clear Selection" to save the current selection or clear a saved selection. This feature require a browser that support "Cookies".

        Important: Hold down the CTRL key (Windows) or Apple key (Mac) to select more than one ingredient from the list.

        Available ingredients:
        "Standard" ingredients:

        Additional ingredients:


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