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        The Webtender
        Bartender's Handbook

        Setting up a bar

        Basic set of tools

        When setting up a bar, you will need quite a lot of equipment. The following is a list of basic bar equipment you should have in your bar to allow you to make most drinks. You may also want to take a look at the list of additional equipment that will make life behind the bar a bit easier too.

        • Bottle opener
        • Corkscrew
        • Can opener
        • Measuring cups and spoon set
        • Bar spoon with long handle and muddler on the end
        • Juice squeezer
        • Electric blender
        • Cutting board and a sharp knife
        • Ice bucket with an ice tong
        • Mixing glass
        • Shaker and strainer
        • Bottle sealers
        • Towels
        • Boxes/jars to store garnishes in
        • Glassware (See separate page)

        You will have to buy new supplies of the following equipment regularly.

        • Cocktail napkins and coasters
        • Swizzle sticks
        • Straws, both long and short ones
        • Cocktail picks
        • Sugar and salt (for coating rim of glasses)

        Additional equipment

        In addition you may wish to buy some other equipment to make things a bit easier and to be able to make additional drinks.

        • Ice crusher, preferably electric
            You can crush ice manually, but an electric crusher it a whole lot easier than using a hammer.
        • Wooden muddler
        • Ice pick or chipper
        • Vegetable peeler or a twist cutter for fruit peels
        • Ice scoop
        • Funnel
        • Nutmeg grater

        Source: International Bartender's Guide.
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        Find the answers in The Bartender's Handbook.

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