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        The Webtender
        Bartender's Handbook

        Drinking Games

        Have fun with The Webtender's collection of drinking games, but be extremely careful if you play any these games, especially the ones with high buzz factors. The collection was created as an aid to responsible adults who know their limits (and not to cross them) when it comes to drinking, and not to promote this kind of drinking behavior.
        You should of course be of legal drinking age if you want to play these games with beer or drinks, but anyone can play these games with non-alcoholic beverages as well.

        NameTypeBuzz level
         1-2-3 Dice Unknown
         Ally McBeal Drinking Game TV/Movie High
         Asshole Card Very high
         Baseball Coin Very high
         BatBeer TV/Movie Medium
         Beat the Barman Endurance Extremely high
         Beer 99 #1 Card Medium
         Beer 99 #2 Card Medium
         Beer Blow Card High
         Beer Bomb Skill High
         Beer Bungee Strength Low-Medium
         Beer Chess Board Extremely high
         Beer Hunter Other Medium
         Beer Pong Other Medium
         Beer Pot Skill Very high
         Beer Race Speed Very high
         Beerchesi Board Low-Medium
         Beergammon Board Low-Medium
         Beeropoly Board Very high
         Beers for Cheers TV/Movie Low-Medium
         Boat Races Speed Very high
         Bouncing Ball Vocal Medium
         Brain Damage Card High-Very high
         Buffalo Hands High
         Bullshit Card High
         Buzz Vocal Low
         Caps Skill Low-High
         Cardinal Puff Vocal Medium-High
         Century Club Endurance Extremely high
         Chutes and Ladders Board High
         Death Ring Card Extremely high
         Dice Dice High
         Drop the Dime Skill Medium-High
         Drug Dealer Card Low-Medium
         Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game TV/Movie High
         Flip the cup Skill Extremely high
         Fuzzy Duck #1 Vocal Low-Medium
         Fuzzy Duck #2 Vocal Low-Medium
         Give One, Take One Card Unknown
         Guess the Note Other Low
         "Hi, Bob" TV/Movie Medium-High
         High or Low Card High
         Hockey Card Medium-Extremely high
         I Never Vocal Low-Medium
         Icetray Quarters Coin High
         Indian Poker Card Medium-High
         James Bond TV/Movie Medium
         Jenga Skill Medium
         Kings and Blood Card Very high
         Kings Card Medium-High
         Master of the Thumb Skill Low
         Mexicali Dice Extremely high
         Mexican Dice Medium
         Multiple Party Game Other Unknown
         Nothing Dice Low-Medium
         One Big Chicken Vocal High
         Pennies In a Pitcher Coin High
         Peuchre Card Medium-High
         Pursuit Skill High
         Quarters Skill/Coin High
         Queens Card Medium
         Questions Vocal Medium
         Rainman TV/Movie Low
         Red Dwarf Drinking Game TV/Movie Extremely high
         Red Wings Drinking Game Sports Very high
         Red and Black #1 Card Very high
         Red and Black #2 Card Low-Medium
         Ren and Stimpy TV/Movie Low-Medium
         Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV/Movie Medium
         Russian Beer Roulette Luck Unknown
         S*M*A*S*H TV/Movie Very high
         Shotgun Speed Very high
         Simpsons TV/Movie High
         Sink the battleship Skill Medium-High
         Sixes Dice Very high
         Snap Card Very high
         Speed Quarters Coin High
         Spinners Coin Low
         Star Trek: Deep Space 9 TV/Movie Medium
         Star Trek: The Next Generation TV/Movie High-Very high
         Star Trek TV/Movie Medium-High
         Star Wars Drinking Game TV/Movie Unknown
         Strange Brew TV/Movie Very high
         Stripes and Solids Other Very high
         Super Quarters Coin High-Very high
         TV Characters TV/Movie High
         The Jerry Springer Drinking Game TV/Movie Extra high
         The Name Game Vocal Medium
         The Tower Dice Unknown
         The Vegetable Game Vocal Medium
         The X-Files Drinking Game TV/Movie Unknown
         Thirty One Card Very high
         Three Man Dice High-Very high
         Thumper Vocal/Hands Low
         Trivial Pursuit Board Low-Medium
         Twenty-One Aces Dice Medium-High
         Ultimate Loser Card High
         Up and Down the River Card Very high
         Viking Hands Low
         "Waltham Rules" Asshole Card Extremely high
         Whales Tales Vocal High
         Who Shit Vocal Low-Medium
         Whoville X-Mas Game TV/Movie High
         Wuss, Douche Bag, Fucker Vocal Low

        104 games

        For more fun, visit the Web Site Index and go to one of the sites listed there.
        You should also take a look at 'The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games'.

        How do I pour? What is 'cl', 'oz' and 'pt'? How should I handle glassware?.
        Find the answers in The Bartender's Handbook.

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