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        The Webtender
        Bartender's Handbook

        Gravity Chart

        When making layered drinks, also known as a Pousse Cafe, you'll need to know which ingredients are heavier than the others. The technique is simple; the heaviest liquor is poured into the glass first, and the lighter ones are layered carefully on top with the lightest one on top.

        This table list some common liquors, along with their Specific Gravity that is the weight of the liquor relative to water. Higher values indicate a heavier liquor.

        Name Gravity Color
        Southern Comfort 0.97
        Tuaca 0.98 Amber
        Water 1.00 White
        Green Chartreuse 1.01 Green
        Cointreau 1.04 White
        Peach liqueur 1.04 Dark amber
        Sloe gin 1.04 Deep red
        Kummel 1.04 White
        Peppermint schnapps 1.04 White
        Benedictine 1.04
        Brandy 1.04 Amber
        Midori melon liqueur 1.05 Green
        Rock and Rye 1.05 Amber
        Apricot brandy 1.06 Amber
        Blackberry brandy 1.06 Dark red
        Cherry brandy 1.06 Dark red
        Peach brandy 1.06 Dark amber
        Campari 1.06 Red
        Yellow Chartreuse 1.06 Yellow
        Drambuie 1.08
        Frangelico 1.08
        Orange Curacao 1.08 Orange
        Triple sec 1.09 White
        Tia maria 1.09 Brown
        Apricot liqueur 1.09 Amber
        Blackberry liqueur 1.10 Dark red
        Amaretto 1.10 Light brown
        Blue Curacao 1.11 Blue
        Cherry liqueur 1.12 Dark red
        Galliano 1.11 Golden yellow
        Green Crème de Menthe 1.12 Green
        White Crème de Menthe 1.12 White
        Strawberry liqueur 1.12 Red
        Parfrait d'Amour 1.13 Violet
        Coffee liqueur 1.14 Dark brown
        Crème de Banane 1.14 Yellow
        Dark Crème de Cacao 1.14 Brown
        White Crème de Cacao 1.14 White
        Kahlua 1.15 Dark brown
        Crème de Almond 1.16
        Crème de Noyaux 1.17 Bright red
        Anisette 1.17 White
        Crème de Cassis 1.18

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