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        1. The Webtender
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          From this form you can search The Webtender Index. Note that if you're looking for a drink recipe within The Webtender database, you should go to the drink search page.

          Enter one or more words to search for in the input field. To search for a sentence, use quotes. beer games will find all sites with both beer and games in the page name or description, without looking at sequence or if there are other words between. "beer games" will match the same words, but only the sites where beer and games appear side by side in the given sequence.

          The searches are case insensitive substring searches, so "beer games" will match "rootbeer GAMES-pages".

          By default, all words you search for must be present, but you can use mode OR to look for any of the words.

          All words must be present
          At least one of the words must be present

          News about The Webtender can be found in The Forum 'news'
          Click here for a list of the forums.

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