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        1. The Webtender
          An On-line Bartender

          Frequently Asked Questions.

          I get a lot of questions about The Webtender and related issues. I`ll try to answer some of these here.

          ? How many drinks are there in the database?
          ! The number is rising every week. The latest information can be found on the statistics page.

          ? I submitted a drink a few weeks ago, but I can't find it here!
          ! There are two possible reasons:

          1. I am quite busy, but I try to add new drinks to the database every three weeks. During the holidays and exam periods I usually don't have access to the net or have time, so I'm not able to edit the database. Please be patient.
          2. I decided not to add it. If you really think it should be in the database, mail me and argue. I love a good argument (No, I don't! Yes you do! And so on, and so on, and so on... :-)

          ? Is it possible to get all drinks in a single file?
          ! The database is so dynamic now it's hard to make a complete list. You can use the "Favourites" feature to compile your own list of drinks to print. I do plan to make a complete list available in the future.

          ? What kind of database are you using?
          ! I have written the database myself. The database is based on a collection of CGI programs written in C. Only a few programs are written in Perl, and they will stay that way. I like Perl, but for heavy work C is better.

          ? Can you help me to locate.....?
          ! A lot of people as if I can help them to locate that one special drink they have been looking for. I would really like to help, but I have a lot of things to do, so the best is if you leave a note in The Webtender Forum.

          ? This drink is WRONG!
          ! Most of the drinks in The Webtender has been added using the addition form. If someone who did not know how to make a drink added it, it will be wrong. In that case, use the "Suggestions" button to inform me.

          ? Which browser should I use?
          ! The Webtender is written using HTML 3.2 tags, but should be backwards compatibe. Look at the copyright and credits to look at a list of browsers The Webtender has been tested with.

          ? Another question?
          ! Use the feedback form..

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