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        The Webtender
        An On-line Bartender

        Advertising on The Webtender website

        Banner advertising

        Advertising on The Webtender is currently handled by Tribal Fusion, Inc.

        For more information, such as rate cards, ad formats, and contact information, please see the Tribal Fusion web site.

        Text Ads

        On most parts of the web site, such as the drink recipes, Handbook and Forums, text ads from Google AdWords are displayed in addition to graphical ads.

        To place text ads on The Webtender, After you sign up make sure to target your ads to webtender.com.

        Special advertising needs?

        If you have special advertising needs, please contact P錶 L鴅erg, author of The Webtender, at advert@webtender.com to discuss possible solutions.

        Offensive, annoying or misleading ads?

        If you object to the content of and ad, please use the feedback form to tell me about it. Include the name of the advertiser and a description of the ad. If possible, also prepare a screen shot of the offending ad.

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