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        The Webtender
        An On-line Bartender

        Link to The Webtender

        Make it easy for you and the people who visit your homepage to find The Webtender! Serve drinks directly from your homepage! Insert a link to The Webtender or, even better, a search form for The Webtender on YOUR homepage. To make this easy, I've included the HTML code needed below.

        Of course, you do not have to use one of the pre-made icons or the HTML code, but if you want something easy, it's here for you. Also note that the official URL of The Webtender is: http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/.

        Simple icon link

        [The Webtender]

        <A HREF="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/gfx/wt_now.gif"
        WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31 BORDER=0 ALT="[The Webtender]"></A>

        Animated icon link

        [The Webtender]

        <A HREF="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/gfx/wt_now_anim.gif"
        WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31 BORDER=0 ALT="[The Webtender]"></A>

        Search form

        [The Webtender]
        Search The Webtender drink database:

        Advanced search | Browse drinks | Forum | Websites
        <FORM ACTION="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/cgi-bin/search" METHOD="GET">
        <A HREF="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/gfx/glasslogo.gif"
        WIDTH=73 HEIGHT=81 BORDER=0 ALT="[The Webtender]"></A>
        <FONT SIZE="+1" FACE="Arial,Helvetica">Search The Webtender drink database:</FONT><BR>
        <INPUT NAME="name" SIZE=25>
        <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Search"><BR>
        <FONT SIZE="-1"><A HREF="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/search/">Advanced search</A> | 
        <A HREF="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/browse.html">Browse drinks</A> |
        <A HREF="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/iforum/">Forum</A> |
        <A HREF="http://www.yiwuxiaobutong.com/index/">Websites</A></FONT>

        Talk about drinks and bartending in The Webtender Forum.
        Ask your questions, chat or share your best tricks with other visitors.

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