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        1. The Webtender
          An On-line Bartender

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          E-mail policy

          Spam e-mail has grown to a big problem on the Internet. The Webtender does not accept the use of spam e-mail and will never use, sell or provide your e-mail address for such purposes by The Webtender or a third party.

          Spam e-mail sent to any address in the webtender.com domain may be investigated and ISPs contaced and asked to terminate the "spammer's" Internet access.

          The Webtender does not mind people advertising their business, but usually spam e-mail is sent to millions of people without thinking first, and without any targeting, because it has a very low cost. People usually think twice if something cost more than five bucks. There are a lot of other, more apropriate, channels on the Internet and in other media to adverise.

          For more information on how to stop spam e-mail go to http://spam.abuse.net/spam/

          For additional information, please read The Webtender Privacy Policy.

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