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        The Webtender
        An On-line Bartender

        The Mobile Webtender

        The Webtender is also available on web enabled cellular phones and PDAs, using the WAP technology. The address is:


        The Mobile Webtender provide some of the most popular features to users of wireless devices, including

        • Easy searching
        • Random recipe
        • Top 10 recipes
        In addition, new and more advanced features are planned.

        To start, simply enter the following address on your phone or PDA:

        Please note that this address is not viewable with a regular web browser.

        Note that to access The Mobile Webtender you need a WAP enabled device (also known as "web enabled") and a service plan that support this. Most modern digital phones are web enabled, but if you don't have one you can take a look here.

        Questions or comments?

        If you have comments or questions about WAP or The Mobile Webtender, or simply think that it's a vey useful service, feel free to use the feedback form to contact me.

        Please direct technical questions to your service provider. This could be questions such as configuring your phone/wireless device, error messages that does not appear to come from The Webtender, etc.


        News about The Webtender can be found in The Forum 'news'
        Click here for a list of the forums.

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