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        1. Meet Mr. Webtender :-)

          [Mr. Webtender]

          P錶 L鴅erg

          August 2, 1974


          My address:
          The Webtender
          Postboks 2005
          NO-7410 Trondheim

          Who am I?

          Hello. My name is P錶 L鴅erg*. When I started The Webtender back in 1995 I was a computer science student at The Norwegian university of science and technology in Trondheim, Norway. I graduated in december 1999 with the degree of sivilingeni鴕 (similar to master of science) in information and communications technology (telematics).

          In addition to managing The Webtender web site, I'm also working for Yahoo! Technologies Norway, a part of Yahoo! Inc., where I play with stuff like Yahoo! News Search. A lot of cool things are happening at Yahoo!, which is one of the reasons things are happening a bit slow here at The Webtender right now.

          Prior to Yahoo! I co-founded and workeded for Initio IT-l鴖ninger, a consulting company specializing in Open Source systems, e-mail and networking solutions. For more about my career, please see my resume.

          I have no formal education in bartending, and have never worked in a bar (I've been to a few, though :). Most of what I know is from books and what I have learned during the years working on The Webtender.

          More about me.

          You can look at my personal homepage for more information about me.

          If you enjoy the Webtender and would like to surprise me, here is my Amazon.com wishlist ;-)

          About my name

          Yes, my name does contain some weird looking letters. These are Norwegian letters, also found in some of the other Scandinavian alphabets, and this section is for those who want to know how to pronounce my name.

          My first name "P錶" is pronounced exactly like the English "Paul". The "L鴅erg" part is harder, but the ?/b> is pronounced like the u in "burn", i.e. "Luberg".

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