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        The Webtender
        An On-line Bartender

        Webtender Search Utilities

        Firefox & Mozilla drink recipe search plugin (Beta)

        The search plugin for the Firefox and Mozilla browsers will enable you to search for drink recipes from the browser's search toolbar.

        Click here to install The Webtender drink recipe search in your browser

        If you do not have the Firefox web browser, you can get it here: Get Firefox!

        If you use the search plugin, please provide feedback on it.

        The plugin might also work with other browsers and Sherlock on Mac, but this is not tested.

        Active Desktop search

        Using the Active Desktop technology in Microsoft Internet Explorer and newer it is possible to place a search for for The Webtender directly on your desktop for quick, easy and convenient access.

        Click here for installation details

        Talk about drinks and bartending in The Webtender Forum.
        Ask your questions, chat or share your best tricks with other visitors.

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