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        1. The Webtender
          An On-line Bartender

          Webtender Statistics

          Top drinks

          The Webtender weekly top 20

          Want to know which drink is most popular right now? Based on the number of requests made this week.

          The Webtender all time top 100

          A list of the 100 most requested drinks in The Webtender since the start in May 1995.

          The Webtender best drinks chart

          What is the best drink? Get a list of drinks given the highest votes by the other visitors.

          Useless statistics

          Historic section

          What drinks was the most popular in June 1997? Don't worry -- you will find it here.

          Database statistics

          If you wonder how many drinks there are in the database, or you're looking for some useless information, look here.

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